Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red Hot Mocha

"Red Hot Mocha" is one of my latest headband creations!
I'm LOVING how bright & beautiful the red is!
Looking forward to little girls modeling it in pictures!

Red....reminds your heart to smile :)

Pillow Creations

A sweet friend that I met this Spring has been someone that I am amazed by! She is truly a beautiful mother who has taken on being a Foster to Adopt parent. She has officially adopted 2 of her foster children & is in the process of adopting the other 2 she has as well. The baby girl that she was just blessed with is named "Olive"!  When she came across a few pillow covers that she saw online she knew she had to have some made to display in Olive's room! I was super excited to be the one she asked to create them for her & wanted to share the pictures of the final creations! 

Opening your heart with LOVE for children is a beautiful thing ~

Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday Gift

I LOVE creating Birthday Gifts for my girls to give their friends! I decided to go with room decor this time & created a minky pillowcase with one of my picture frame creations to match! Hope she has a HAPPY BIRTHDAY & enjoys adding them to her room! 

It's so much FUN to give ~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fabulous Names ~ Wall Decor

Finished my last 3 custom orders that I will ever create the other night & I must say it was bitter sweet! While I love decorating each & every letter with something fun & unique and look
forward to the end result (as they all come together to create the name) ~ I have decided that after almost 3 years I was no longer going to take custom orders for these creations! Here are some of my name creations from over the years that I wanted to share & maybe give you ideas of what you can use to create this unique wall decor!

Grab some of the following supplies I've listed & get CREATIVE!!!!

Letters (these are from Hobby Lobby & the price is even better if you wait til theyre half off)
Scrapbook Paper (many different textures/designs)
Decoupage Glue (Mod Podge is amazing)
Sponge Paint Brush
Decorations (anything from flowers, butterflies, feathers, ribbons, crystals, etc.)
Glue Gun
E600 (glue)

Start by tracing the letters upside down & backwards onto the back of your scrapbook paper. Use your sponge brush to spread decoupage glue all over the letter ~ adhere the paper to the letter & let dry for about an hour. Next any textured paper (such as fuzzy, glittered, shiney, etc.) doesn't need to be decoupaged on top but any regular scrapbook paper looks prettier if you decoupage again with your sponge brush on top of the paper & let dry before decorating them. Next decide how you want to decorate each letter before beginning to glue your decorations & then glue gun, tie or E600 your decor. Hint: make sure you have your letters turned the right way (holes for hanging in back of letter should be on top) before you start to decorate.

Your name is then complete ~ Hang your beautiful creations &
enjoy sharing/showing all your family & friends! 

Your name is who you are so share it ~  

Kynlee ~ Lace & Vintage Hair Accessory

When asked to create one of my fabric flower hair accessories (to match a light teal laced romper) I was super excited to come up with a unique hair creation for her! She went with a happy medium as far as size & wanted it to be more in the line of my "Lace & Vintage" designs!
Here is my "Kynlee" creation! 

 What a beautiful picture of this sweet little girl!


All things vintage inspires me ~ 

Rock'n Baby Boy

Why should only baby girls recieve the "cute, unique" handmade gifts? I think it's only fair that little boys look just as handsome in FUN creations! Here are two sets (burp cloth, beanie hat & onesie) I created for a baby shower gift for a customer :) He's going to be one stylish little man!!!!

Baby Boys ROCK ~ 

Cheetah Baby

A friend needed a simple baby shower gift & called me last minute one evening (she's good @ that, ha!) & wanted to see if I'd create her something for the next day! I put my brain to work & decided to use a combo of colors (unlike the every day girl color gifts everyone receives) and LOVED the idea of bright mango with brown Cheetah! Don't they look fabulous together? I'm sure the sweet baby who received it will look beautiful wearing it :)

 Creations for babies makes my heart smile ~

Homecoming "Goody" Buckets

Brazoswood Belles is our highschool dance team! The 1st year you join Belles your considered a "Baby Belle" & have "Big Sister Belles" that help you with whatever you need until your next year(s) when you become a "Belle". I was asked to take a plain black bucket & do something FUN & creative to it for a "goody" bucket for one of the Baby Belles (she is going to fill it with goodies & give to her Big Sister's for Homecoming). Here is what I came up with :)
Isn't it Bright & FUN! All you need is:

A few designs of textured scrapbook paper (these days the variety is endless)
Lots of ribbon (widths, colors & styles)
Trim (anything would look great)
Decoupage glue (Mod Podge is amazing)
Letters (I traced & cut mine out on "glitter" scrapbook paper ~ you can use a cricuit for letters if you own one ~ mine is sent off for repair @ the moment)
Hot Glue Gun
I ending up actually sewing these letters onto two different styles of textured paper but if you don't sew you can decoupage or adhere your letters many different ways. Finally I placed & began to decorate the bucket using all the supplies listed above & a plain boring black bucket become super FUN!!!!  

Hope you have "Buckets" of FUN ~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Team Spirit

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Created for a Houston Texans fan!!!!

Created for a Dallas Cowboys Fan!!!!!

I'd LOVE to create a headband/hair accessory to coordinate with your favortie football team! 
Contact me for more information!

It's all about showing your team spirit ~     

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Creative Touch ~ 1st Model Photo Shoot

My 1st photo shoot for all my new hair piece creations & new clothes was such an AMAZING day!The girls were absolutely beautiful in the clothes & hair piece designed just for them. My photographer & great friend ~ Photography Lyrics ~ captured truly amazing moments! The pictures are UNBELIEVABLE & I truly LOVE all of them! The makeup (by ~ Crystal Grimes-Keleman) was fun & amazing!!! The property/props used were perfect! I hope you'll all enjoy the pictures as much as I have! I'm truly one that feels capturing a beautiful memory in a photograph is by far
one of the best ways to hold a memory in your heart forever!

Be sure to visit the link below on our Facebook page for a sneak peek
of a few more of our favorites from that day!!/media/set/?set=a.10150769112620507.718110.208399995506&type=1

Happy Days are the Best Days ~